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The Art of Living a High Vibrational Life

  15 Ways to use Gemstones to improve  your mental , spiritual and financial life  Wear Herkimer Diamonds to amplify your personal energy when you need to make an impression. Grid your Yoga Mat with Amethyst to supercharge and replenish your aura doing savanna. Carry a black stone such as Onyx or Tourmaline at the front of your home to protect the front door from intruders. Place a piece of Rose quartz in the back right corner of your bedroom to activate your romantic luck. Pull a spiritual magnet over your garden by burying a couple of crystals in its soil. This will also cleanse your crystals energetically. Keep a piece of Aventurine near electronic equipment to help absorb some of...

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The Divine Life

From the Middle Ages through the Renaissance to today beaded necklaces have been worn by Women of great style for their intrinsic properties. The Divine Life collection of beaded necklaces represent beauty + strength + tradition + deep love + devotion from different cultures. Beads collected from Africa + India + China + Thailand are cultural monikers used in everyday life ceremonies and rites of passage. As part of tradition, many cultures give visitors beads as a sign of gratitude + respect. I created these collection to represent the unification of a global culture. Each piece is hand knotted on silk + finished with a handmade Italian silk tassel.     Retail costs 495 to 3495 USD available exclusively online...

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Shop Preston Bailey's Picks

Preeminent Event planner Preston Bailey shares his must haves from Mckenzie Liautaud's SS 2015 collection. Preston is known as the premier event designer for a client roster that includes celebrities, royal families, CEO’s and athletes.  Preston Bailey photographed by John Labbe The Diamond Supearlstar necklace : "Glamorous, fresh and timeless, this is a luxurious piece that doesn't take itself too seriously, which I love. I can see this on a bride on her wedding day with a strapless, V-neck or sweetheart gown and then on her honeymoon in a long, flowing maxi dress." - Preston Bailey Gray Supearlstar Necklace :  "This is a beautifully crafted design that is modern and elegant. It's one of those conversation pieces that will always have...

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