Black Diamonds and Pearls rings seen in Elle Arabia


Black Diamonds and Pearls cuff rings $595 - $2195

About the Black Diamonds and Pearls collection

With his new FW 2018 collection, Black Diamonds and Pearls , Mckenzie continues to explore the intrinsic value of the materials and adds a new layer of social context which was inspired by a single lyric from the 1996 Nas hit song "If I Ruled The World". Black Diamonds and Pearls , If I ruled the World" is the lyric and point of inspiration Mckenzie used to create a collection comprised of powerful black materials including; Ebony wood, black tahitian pearls,black south sea pearls , black onyx, black spinel, black obsidian, black pave diamonds and natural black horn accented with gold . The result is a modern collection that blends the materials spiritual roots with the cultural transformation.

The song is rich with social reflections that are poignant, passionate, haunting and timely even 20 years later." says McKenzie. He continues - "We're are experiencing a cultural shift regarding race which permeates my thinking and creative output.”

Pieces include: Black Diamonds and Pearls Rings , Shine Talisman Bracelets, Freedom Talisman Bracelets , Black Magic Talisman Necklace

Prices range: $295 - $9995

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