About Mckenzie Liautaud

MCKENZIE LIAUTAUD , born and raised in NYC, is a Brooklyn based designer who finds inspiration from his travels around the globe.

With his new FW 2018 collection, Black Diamonds and Pearls , Mckenzie continues to explore the intrinsic value of the materials and adds a new layer of social context which was inspired by a single lyric from the 1996 Nas hit song "If I Ruled The World". Black Diamonds and Pearls , If I ruled the World" is the lyric and point of inspiration Mckenzie used to create a collection comprised of powerful black materials including; Ebony wood, black tahitian pearls,black south sea pearls , black onyx, black spinel, black obsidian, black pave diamonds and natural black horn accented with gold . The result is a modern collection that blends the materials spiritual roots with the cultural transformation.

 Liautaud  has collaborated with brands such as Donna Karan , Pyer Moss and Victor de Souza.  The brand has been featured in The New York Times, The Today Show, W Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Elle Magazine and  People Magazine.