Special Projects

Introducing the limited edition metaMOORphosis collection : Edition 1 Scarves 


About the inspiration 

The Moors were the Black Kings and Queens who ruled Europe for over 700 years. The Kings and Queens of African descent brought civilization and enlightenment to Europe during their rule. 

The Moors are considered to have advanced in the fields of Mathematics, Astronomy, Architecture, Cuisine, Medicine and Architecture that helped to transform Europe and push it into the Renaissance during the dark ages. 

In 2020, McKenzie launched the #GetMasked campaign to encourage his community to stay safe. When the pandemic hit, McKenzie was inspired by a need to do something to help his family—many of whom are essential workers— and began selling masks on his website. Selecting the right materials are a critical component of his designs - “I love textiles because they are the main ingredient in my mask designs. Like a good recipe, fabrics have unique flavors and can reveal a deep-rooted cultural story.” For every mask sold, McKenzie donates one to an essential worker and those in need throughout his Fort Greene community.

Mckenzie Liautaud Jewelry for Donna Karan New York  Madison Avenue 

Mckenzie Liautaud Jewelry for Pyer Moss FW2014 


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