Mckenzie Liautaud for the Here We Are Campaign


Jewelry Designer Mckenzie Liautaud for the Here We Are Campaign.

"Everyone has a story to tell , Everyone deserves to tell their story and everyones story should be heard " - Mckenzie Liautaud. 

Liautaud,  a Haitian American designer born and raised in NYC  draws inspiration from his travels around the globe.  His first collection  Tribal Disruption  which was inspired by a trip to Ethiopia launched  at The Five Story. In this collection , he examined the relationship between tribal design elements and western design elements. For generations Western designers have been borrowing ideas and elements from African tribal design , however the reverse has never been done. The collection was designed from the viewpoint of a tribes person who has just discovered elements from the western world including Swarovksi components and nylon mesh and incorporates these new found elements intergrated with traditional African tribal design elements.

Mckenzie Liautaud Tribal Disruption $295 - $495 

 Here We Are is a project created by NYC Jewelry Week to celebrate the diversity that makes NYC incredible. The two - pronged initiative launched  with a visual campaign in the heart of Times Square  designed to introduce NYC , and to the world ,to a diverse group of working artists , designers and makers in the field of jewelry across NYC. Intended to be a visual map of where the diversity lives".

Mckenzie Liautaud photographed by Pompe'e wearing The Ocean Treasures Rings  

Mckenzie Liautaud  18 KT Ocean Treasures Rings Price Available Upon Request 

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