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The ML Moonlight Mushroom Necklace featured in JCK Magazine

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

10 Ways to Manifest Self-Care with your Jewelry in 2024 , MCKENZIE LIAUTAUD Moonlight Mushroom Necklace with Lapis and diamond on a 14 kt yellow gold paperclip necklace.

The Power Crystals featured in AirMail

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

McKenzie Liautaud's latest fine-jewelry pieces have a "pendant designed to fit perfectly in the palm during meditation." 

Introducing metaMOORphosis collection: Edition 1

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

Introducing metaMOORphosis Collection : Edition 1  silk twill scarves with our unique interpretation of the prominent Moorish Kings and Queens.

Allison Williams wears Mckenzie Liautaud Jewelry on the Jimmy Fallon Show

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

Allison Williams wears the Mckenzie Liautaud White Diamond & Rock Crystal Drop -Link Earrings on the Jimmy Fallon Show

The Power Crystals featured in Cosmopolitan

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

The Power Crystal Mini Birthstone Necklace featured in Peridot $895 in Cosmopolitan October 2022 Mental Health issue.

The ML Diamond cupola magic crystal necklace featured in Forbes

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

The ML diamond magic cupola crystal necklace inspired by the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower in Brooklyn , NY  featured in Forbes.

Redefining Personal Jewels , Q & A with Pietra Communications

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

Mckenzie Liautaud is a Haitian American designer who draws inspirations from his travels, creating unique and multicultural jewelry. He hopes to bring balance and harmony to society through...

The Power Crystals featured in Numero Netherlands

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

Lil Dre wears Mckenzie Liautaud Jewelry in the June 2021 Issue of Numero Netherlands.

Savannah Smith wearing Mckenzie Liautaud Jewelry for La Ligne

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

Savannah Smith wears Mckenzie Liautaud Jewelry for La Ligne Summer 2021 Campaign.

Jeremy Pope covers Out Magazine wearing Mckenzie Liautaud Pearl Rings

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

Jeremy Pope wears Mckenzie Liautaud's best selling Moonlight Magic Pearl Rings on the Out Magazine June  2021 Pride Cover Issue.

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