The Art of Living a High Vibrational Life


15 Ways to use Gemstones to improve  your mental , spiritual and financial life 

  1. Wear Herkimer Diamonds to amplify your personal energy when you need to make an impression.
  2. Grid your Yoga Mat with Amethyst to supercharge and replenish your aura doing savanna.
  3. Carry a black stone such as Onyx or Tourmaline at the front of your home to protect the front door from intruders.
  4. Place a piece of Rose quartz in the back right corner of your bedroom to activate your romantic luck.
  5. Pull a spiritual magnet over your garden by burying a couple of crystals in its soil. This will also cleanse your crystals energetically.
  6. Keep a piece of Aventurine near electronic equipment to help absorb some of the unhealthy EMFs emitted from them.
  7. When you need energetic or physical protection , wear a Tigers eye bracelet.
  8. Place a himalayan salt lamp in your bedroom to improve your sleep quality.
  9. Program a piece of Clear Quartz with any affirmation , and wear for one month.
  10. Build a beautiful crystal grid on your personal altar to radiate healing energy through your home.
  11. When feeling pessimistic , keep a love stone like Rose Quartz and a Black stone like Tourmaline on you to improve your mood and promote positivity.
  12. Trace your body's aura with a Selenite wand to help remove energy blocks and impurities.
  13. Cleanse a negative space by placing a cleansed Calcite in the center of the room to purify the unwanted energy.
  14. When trying to conceive wear a Rose Quartz  & Carnelian necklace.
  15. To increase your financial luck place a Citrine in the back left corner of your office & increase the wealth vibrations by  wearing a piece of Citrine jewelry.
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