Natural diamond council highlights Mckenzie Liautaud's inspiration for his award winning collection

Mckenzie Liautaud: How Spirituality, Family and Natural Diamonds Inspired His Designs

By Anna McFillin

Mckenzie Liautaud is all about good energy. Growing up Haitian American and born and raised New Yorker, Mckenzie finds spirituality at the core of who he is as well as in his designs. He began his career in the fashion industry working as a stylist, and later started designing mens bow ties out of recycled materials (old denim, tweed jackets, excess denim) that were embellished with crystals and safety pins. 

Building a clientele, he was hired to create bow ties for a wedding party, and traveled to Ethiopia to do so. On that trip, he collected African beads that inspired him to create a costume jewelry collection. “I have always liked natural stones, and that began with the crystals I added on to my bow ties.” 

He continued, “Visiting the hall of gems in the Museum of Natural History gives me a sense of wonder and a feeling of calm. As a young boy I would get lost in the mineral galleries, where I discovered my love of crystals.”


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