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Introducing metaMOORphosis collection: Edition 1

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

Introducing metaMOORphosis Collection : Edition 1  silk twill scarves with our unique interpretation of the prominent Moorish Kings and Queens.

Natural diamond council highlights Mckenzie Liautaud's inspiration for his award winning collection

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

Mckenzie Liautaud is all about good energy. Growing up Haitian American and born and raised New Yorker, Mckenzie finds spirituality at the core of who he is as well...

Vanity Fair interviews Mckenzie Liautaud

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

Leader of the Crystal Set Handcrafted with an eye of the future ,Mckenzie Liautaud’s luxurious crystal talismans have the in-crowd swooning

Mckenzie Liautaud recipient of EDDI recognition

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

Mckenzie Liautaud Jewelry is  officially a part of the Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative with Lorraine Schwartz & Natural Diamonds !

Mckenzie Liautaud joins the Rainbow Collection

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

The ides was simple — begin 2021 on a bright note and give back to a deserving community. Each participating brand was asked to create a rainbow inspired...

Maluma's style secret

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

Maluma shines at the Latin Billboard Awards wearing a bespoke pink double breasted suit adorned with Mckenzie Liautaud's customized buttons made of Baroque Pearls.

Summer Brights for our Bright Future

by Mckenzie Liautaud on

Accessories designer Mckenzie Liautaud added Face Masks to his blossoming business in an effort to make up for the unexpected downturn in the economy #GetMasked is a local...

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